Blessed Bitters - Spiced Chai


'Enjoy all the good food you can we say.

But first, take your bitters!'

Bitters has a long standing history of digestive support. In short, bitterness stimulates the ‘bitter reflex’ in the body and in doing so big health magic happens.

  • Of all the flavours to grace our taste buds (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, umami and perhaps oleogustus or fattiness) there is perhaps none as fascinating than that of bitterness. Yet it is one of the primary tastes that is missing from our diets, fiercely taken from us by the industrial food system.  We have all but forgotten the immense pleasure and the immeasurable everyday benefits of bitterness.

In all cases, bitters are Celebratory. They enliven meals and generously assist with the overconsumption of feasting assisting digestion, bloating, heartburn and belly upsets. When you begin a meal with a bitter taste you are triggering the bitter reflex and essentially alerting your digestive system, ‘Hey there, wake up—food is on its way!’. Then a cascade of big health magic happens in the body, awakening and opening a critical digestive pathway in the body. 

In the busy-ness of everyday life, we have crafted you the most convenient method of consuming bitters in this benevolent tincture (herbal extract) form. From us, to you.