Ancient Wisdom & Ritual Keepers

All of our products and services are inspired by traditional food wisdom, offering potent botanical blends containing adaptogen, nootropic, nervine plant medicines. To be used daily in ritual and reverence, to support wellness, pleasure and communion.


Step inside our Apothecary and you’ll get a sense that this is a venture driven by deep love. A committed crew of health professionals, food artisans, herbalists, and ritual enthusiasts make up our small team. The thread that connects us all is sovereignty, sanctity and communion.


Our team deeply pulled by ritual - of bringing people together (or dropping into self), the thread that connects us all, and the moments that allow us to connect and perhaps even celebrate the goodness of this life. We approach the body and soul with a deep sense of reverence, wonder and worship. We honour the delicate communion taking place between us (the makers, creators, human souls), the plant wisdom gifts of the earth - some of them thousands of years in the growing – the ceremony we hand craft these in, and the ritual in which we use and consume.