Meet Temptress Apothecary

Temptress is an all-women enterprise, made up by a small team of health professionals, food enthusiasts, and nutritionists. We handcraft a range of potent, botanical and superfood wellness blends, symbiotic with nature, and used in everyday ritual, reverence and pleasure in the home.

For us, to play with the earth – plants, herbs, bark, flowers, bees, clay - is our greatest passion. There is a delicate communion that takes place between us and the plant wisdom gifts of the earth - some of them thousands of years in the growing –the ceremony we hand craft them, and the ritual we offer and use them. All of blends and botanicals are organic, wild harvested or spray-free.

Temptress Apothecary was born out of the desire to create natural and potent botanical blends that are symbiotic with nature and that can be used in everyday ritual, reverence and pleasure in the home. Our artisan formulas, utilise ancient healing herbs and plants that can be applied and have been studied. Our brews and blends draw on the insights of the ancient schools of Ayurveda, Chinese Traditional Medicine, Western Herbalism and from immersing ourselves in traditional cultural remedies.


Our mission is to preserve the botanical alchemy used in ritual and ceremony for wellness, longevity and communion. In doing so we draw from herbal history, and bring a wide range of blends to our community. Within our formulas you will find wisdom that has been revered and preserved by medicine people across the globe.