Pure, honest, certified organic, ceremonial-grade Criollo (heirloom) bean cacao chunks. Nothing else added. Just the way we like it. We pay deep respect to the ancient wisdoms of cacao with this pure organic ceremonial grade Criollo bean Cacao which has been grown, harvested, fermented and dried with great care by a small community in Peru. Temptress Apothecary has a deep and direct connection to this beautiful community and the families that reside within their farming lands and contribute to their Organic Certification. The cacao is chock full of antioxidants with a rich chocolatey aroma. This celestial beverage is a luxurious delicacy that can be enjoyed in every day ritual or in larger amounts for sacred ceremony.

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The sacred and potent spirit of Cacao has been honoured and worshipped throughout history and revered for its blissful heart-opening qualities and nutrient-dense health benefits. The name of the chocolate plant itself, Theobroma (theos) means ‘god’ and (broma) means ‘food’ literally translating to ‘food of the Gods’.

Whilst all chocolate is made from cacao beans, not all cacao is created equal. Ceremonial grade cacao, including our own, has a number of important attributes:
> It’s produced from native Criollo bean (heirloom) Cacao strains: native meaning it’s found growing naturally, in the wild, with limited human interaction and cultivation.
> Minimal processing: this means the beans still wholefoods and contain all of their natural compounds. These beans then undergo a fermentation process necessary for cultivating their flavour profile and activating certain natural compounds. The beans are then sun-dried and stone ground by traditional means.

Ingredients: Certified Organic 100% Ceremonial Cacao Paste and 100% love.
*Our Ceremonial Cacao is 100% Australian Certified Organic

We ship our Cacao in biodegradable pouches.

Warm a 1/4 cup of water in a saucepan over low heat. With a knife, shave 20gms (for everyday ritual or 40-45gms for a ceremonial dose) of Ceremonial Cacao. Stir until melted and smooth. Add extra water to fill your cup or for a creamier version, add your choice of nut milk and a touch of sweetener and spices. Turn off the heat and pour brew into a blender. Blend until soft and frothy (or hand whisk). Pour into a beautiful mug and serve warm and steamy.

We recommend the chilli/cayenne spice as it helps potentiate the cacao. Other serving variations: Spice it up with a touch of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon or cardamom; Add extra heat with cayenne pepper or black pepper or Chilli; Open your heart with rose and vanilla.

*Note: This Celestial beverage invites us to slow down and set aside time for ourselves for self-care and nourishment, opening to our inner guidance and wisdom. Please prepare and consume your ceremonial Cacao with this intent.

CONDITION OF SALE *Please Note ~ Our Ceremonial Cacao comes to you in its most beautiful pure, raw, unadulterated form. As such, she is heat sensitive and prone to melting in the hotter months. We will pack her well with insulation but cannot be held responsible for melting caused by heat exposure during shipping. Make sure you have your cacao delivered to you directly so that she does not stay out in the sun for any length of time ~ although she is still delicious and beneficial even if some melting has occurred.

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