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…and from the chaos of our life, there flowered beauty…and the soul was discovered…

What we know, is that ancient times the unfettered magic of the sacred feminine flowed freely. Her abundant fertility and creative powers were in harmony with the principles of nature and the changing seasons and cycles. Access to this harmony was via the womb (or hara for men) – a portal, or a multidimensional sacred space connecting each woman to the infinite birthing energy of creation and the web of life. A woman with an awakened womb has historically been known as the one who walks between worlds.

Yet, thousands of years ago this sacred connection was subverted, suppressed and silenced. We now have a lineage of feminine wounding, limited beliefs, impaired knowledge, supressed sexuality, and intergenerational trauma.

The Sacred Women’s Way is part of a global remembering, a re-emergence, and a taking back our womb consciousness and the ushering in of a new paradigm of awakening our divine feminine nature on the planet.

This entails a journey towards transformation, awakening, balance, wholeness – stripping back and uncovering all that you are not, so that you can become all that you are. This means saying yes to meeting all those internal places where you feel stuck, limited, restrained and wounded. The places where old emotional patterns linger, physical blocks, and imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences reside. In doing so, this path evolves your potential to live a life aligned with your soul’s truth and purpose. In entering this path, you will be able to fully step into who you are and why you are here. Ultimately this is a natural state of being – as powerful, tender, love-embodied creators.

There’s an old adage about digging for water – a person who tries to find water by digging a little here and a little there will die of thirst; where a person who digs in one spot, and deep, is bound to find water; then she will drink and give to others to drink.

The Sacred Women’s Way workshops, circles, meditations and retreats are for the woman who feel called to:

  • wake-up, release and move beyond all those internal layers, wounds, blocks and limited beliefs in order to reconnect and embody your divine feminine soul
  • clear inherited ancestral patterns that restrict and constrain your freedom
  • reconnect with your source of embodied and intuitive wisdom
  • open up energetic pathways in the body for you to experience natural and innate states of ecstasy, joy, bliss, peace and love
  • re-awaken your sacred feminine energies and return you home to your true essence and soul’s calling
  • create a deeply sacred and intimate relationship with yourself and a sacred union with another
  • open to receive, attract and experience sacred love
  • awaken to your souls deepest longing and desires
  • activate and live your soul purpose, manifesting miracles and positive influencing those who surround you
  • live life from the divine feminine, with grace, ease and flow.

Do you feel called?

In our programs and retreats, we create a safe space for women of all ages, races, religions and beliefs to release the suppression, heal the trauma, and awaken to their true self. This involves a beautifully nurturing, yet invigorating mix of ritual, initiation, meditation, embodiment practices, group integration, and solo investigation, in a safe, tender, sacred container.

I’m here to wake up. What about you?

For more information about the Sacred Women’s Way, our events and workshops please go to our website:

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