This book is about changing perspectives about parenting, our children, and ourselves. It advocates for a shift from the traditional ‘reward and punishment’ parenting paradigm to one of demonstrating unconditional acceptance and love, regardless of our children’s compliance or achievement. Through personal stories of the family’s Dr Bob has worked with, this book demonstrates that we do not need to ‘control’ or ‘tame’ our children, and suggests ideas of how to eliminate power-struggles and put the joy back into parenting.

Chemical Free Kids

This bestselling book explores both the extent to which chemicals impact our everyday lives, particularly our babies and children, and what it takes to live wisely in a toxic world. To live wisely, Chemical Free Kids explores the many dimensions of living in wellness – meaning more than simply the ‘absence from disease’. The term extends what has historically been a static notion of health to one that explained the dynamic relationship arising between people and their environment, and is determined by the choices and decisions individuals and families are making in their everyday lives.

One bite at a time

One Bit at a Time is spurred by a voracious appetite for reducing chemical exposure and building body resiliency – through food, whole food, food sovereignty, and a wilful desire to live bigger, heartier and healthier than ever before. Dr Sarah Lantz and Tabitha McIntosh have spent nearly two decades exploring chemical toxicity, nutritional medicine and the impacts of environmental threats on our bodies.


In this beautifully crafted 356-page fermentation book we share with you our favourite recipes for fermenting, restoring your gut and building body resiliency. This book is spurred by a voracious appetite for building strong family connections and body resiliency through the choices we make every day – in particular through food, whole food, living food and fermented food that we can create and share together.